Upcoming Dates

charlie marshall solo - uk/European tour


Sept 15 Sat  The Cornerhouse, Cambridge with Scissors

21 Fri   Peer Hat, Manchester with Four Candles and Poppycock

23 Sun Grayston Unity, Halifax

28 Fri Betsy Trotwood, Clerkenwell, London with Doomed Bird of Paradise and Michael Plater


29 Sat L’Imposture, Lille

30 Sun  Jument Pavoisée, Rennes

Oct 3 Wed  Chainon Manquant, Aignan        with Tim Wooton

4 Thur  Cartes Sur Table, Gaillac            with Tim Wooton

5 Fri   Jour de Fête, Albi


6 Sat  13 00  Les Clandestines, Montferri

           20 00   Beat Café and Soul, Lleida

7 Sun 13 00   La Societat, Santa Coloma de Cervelló