Science enhances the beauty and wonder of the world by allowing us to see more deeply

not a cruel machine

So they tell you there’s no purpose and it all comes down to chance

And the universe don’t know you, yeah it’s just a crazy dance

And they tell you you’re alone in a world that’s cold and mean

But just take a look around you this is not a cruel machine


So we’re living in a jungle and it’s red in tooth and claw

And we’re dying without knowing what the hell we came here for

But the Social Darwinists were just out to kick the weak

We can be materialists and it’s not all bleak cos

Everything connects there’s a hidden theme

Take a look around, this world of ours is not a cruel machine


Cos there’s also symbiosis in your mitochondria

Altruism from meiosis

You were born inside a star


So there’s no need for religion, there’s no spirit in the sky

Just this wondrous evolution is what led to you and I

There’s no magic in the stars, they’re just hot and dense but

There’s still beauty in it all, it makes perfect sense ‘cos

Everything connects, it’s a Gaian scene

This old world of ours, I’m telling you it’s not a cruel machine


So open up your eyes and internalise this meme

It’s a wonderland, this world is not a cruel machine