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ABOUT THE NEW charlie marshall ALBUM 'SUBLIME'

'Sublime' is a concept album in the finest sense. A fusion of music, science and nature produced by Charlie Marshall and mixed by Darren Seltmann, founder of The Avalanches and mastermind behind their groundbreaking 'Since I left you' album. A journey through time and space exploring the wonders of the universe revealed by science and our urgent need to take more care of this incredible planet. Performed with passion and soul by new band The Curious Minds, the songs are meticulously arranged and richly orchestrated to enhance the themes addressed. Imagine a 'Pet Sounds' era Brian Wilson collaborating with rock star scientist Brian Cox! Side one is subtitled 'Physics', side two is 'Ecology'. In between the 10 songs are brief interludes introducing the concepts for each. Free downloads for these are just below.


Tells how science enhances the beauty and wonder of the world by allowing us to see more deeply

We've got to take care - walk lightly on the face of the earth

A melodic, rocking whirlwind tour of the physics of our planet

Curiosity and a sense of wonder are the great human virtues leading to discovery

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" - Isaac Newton

This is about chaos theory, the butterfly effect, Hurricane Katrina and the downfall of a president

The atoms that make me were born inside a star and journeyed through space and time to land here and now

A stirring cover of The Waterboys song about seeing the big picture


You can download these for free here. The song title indicates the song they precede.

album cover

The front cover is an original commissioned painting by Canberra abstract artist Tommy Balogh. The back cover and inside gatefold are Hubble telescope images.

charlie marshall & the curious minds

The Curious Minds consist of:

Clare Moore - Drums and vocals

Bryan Colechin - Bass, vocals

Tim Deane - Keyboards, vocals

Andrew Watson - violin.

Other musicians who feature on the album are:

Jack Howard - Trumpet and Flugelhorn, Shane Reilly - Pedal steel, Kofi Kunkpe - percussion, Troy Rogan - Cello, James Macauley - Trombone, Flip Case and Emily Hayes - Vocals


Charlie Marshall


Phone: 0421 168 326      

International: +61 421 168 326